100 Grants for Small Business Owners

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-Get the funding you need to start, operate or scale your small business. Grants are typically funds issued to a business that do not need to be repaid. Grants are typically available to small business owners at every stage in their business whether it's the startup phase, the expansion phase, or the research + product development phase. A Small Business in the United States is defined as a privately owned entity that has between 100 and 1,500 employees and generates revenue of less than $40 million annually.

Whether you need a grant for:

❇️ Operating costs
❇️ To purchase inventory
❇️ To purchase equipment
❇️To scale your business

The money is there. This list of grants includes grants for:

▪️ General Business
▪️ Woman-Owned Businesses
▪️ Black-Owned Businesses
▪️Minority-Owned Businesses
▪️ Veteran Owned Businesses
▪️ Federal Grants
▪️ State Grants
▪️ Non-Profit Grants

This ebook contains 50 pages of information on grants including:

✅ What grants are
✅ Who they can help
✅ How to apply for them (what information you typically need to apply for them)



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