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The Rich Girl Bundle is a one of a kind bundle that will elevate your business and help set you on a path to reach your goals with confidence. The bundle includes resources, courses and tools to help you avoid costly mistakes, and give you access to some of the most innovative methods and strategies in business today.

This bundle has everything you need to take your business to the next level and beyond. Learn how to build a large following, grow your business with proven strategies, attract millions in revenue through affiliate marketing and more.

The Rich Girl Bundle is perfect for you IF:

✅ You are thinking of starting a business

✅ You are in the process of starting your business

✅ Have started your business but need some direction

The Rich Girl Bundle includes:

- 2 Courses

- How to Self-Publish on Amazon

- How to Make Consistent Sales in Your Business

16 Ebooks

- The Business Burn Book

- The Marketing Burn Book

- The Branding Burn Book

- How to Build Business Credit

- Black Friday Planner

- 100 Grants for Small Business Owners

- 100 Ways to Fund Your Business

- Airbnb Empire

- $10k Blueprint

- Dropshipping Secrets

- How to Launch your Shopify Store

- Email Like a Pro: How to Build an Email List that Pays

- The Business Plan Workbook

- The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Business

- Ebook Empire: How to start and grow your Ebook Business

- $1k in 7 Days

6 Business Kits

✏️ The Entrepreneur's Kit

✏️ The Social Media Planner Kit

✏️ The Small Business Tax Prep Kit

✏️ The Small Business Startup Kit

✏️ The Small Business Employee Forms

✏️ The Small Business Accounting Kit



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